The press online: ballot set for fall general election

Barring unforeseen disaster, Joe Biden will represent the Democratic Party against President Donald Trump this fall, the former vice president's place on the general election ballot cemented Wednesday by Bernie Sanders' decision to end his campaign. But without any Democratic rivals left, a general election campaign that will almost certainly be the most expensive and among the nastiest in U.

But we are ready for the general election. In Biden and Trump, voters will choose between two white septuagenarians with dramatically different prescriptions for health care, climate change, foreign policy and leadership in an era of extreme partisanship.

At 77, Biden becomes the oldest major party presidential nominee in modern history. And having spent most of his life as an elected official in Washington, no nominee has had more experience in government.

But in Trump, Biden is up against an adversary the likes of which he has never faced in his decadeslong political career.

the press online: ballot set for fall general election

The year-old Republican president opens with a massive cash advantage and a well-established willingness to win at any cost. Trump's campaign is moving forward with a multipronged attack that mixes legitimate criticism with baseless charges and, in some cases, outright conspiracy theories. It's similar to the unconventional playbook Trump used against Hillary Clinton four years ago with unexpectedly devastating success. Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said Biden will be portrayed as too liberal for most Americans, weighed down by questions about his son's overseas business dealings and about questionable mental acuity at his age.

Trump's team also believes he can win over disaffected Sanders supporters who see Biden as a consummate insider. Shortly after Sanders' announcement, the president charged without evidence that Democratic leaders were plotting against Sanders. The Republican National Committee has already assembled an extensive research book on Biden. The GOP has devoted 10 researchers to Biden and sent hundreds of Biden-related freedom of information and public records requests to gather additional damaging material.

Before Biden can shift his entire focus to Trump, the former vice president is tasked with winning over Sanders' skeptical far-left supporters, who have trashed Biden's record on trade, criminal justice, corporate America and foreign policy. The party's most progressive wing also fears that Biden's policies on health care and the environment, among others, don't go far enough.

Biden advisers note that he had already begun reaching out to Sanders' aligned progressive organizations, including those focused on young people like the Sunrise Movement and the March For Our Lives.

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Still, the former president and first lady Michelle Obama are ultimately expected to help rally the party behind Biden, who served for eight years as Obama's vice president.

Biden's new status as the presumptive nominee affords him the freedom to move forward more openly with selecting his own running mate. Biden acknowledged during a virtual fundraiser Wednesday that his team has discussed a faster timeline for announcing his running mate, which traditionally comes on the eve of the national convention.

Meanwhile, both candidates are staring down a coronavirus pandemic that has turned campaign logistics on their head.Election workers open mail ballots for Tuesday's election at the Yellowstone County Courthouse on Monday. As of Saturday, the count was a new record of 47, ballots higher than the election. The exception would be another order by Gov. Steve Bullock giving counties the option of a mail ballot election to protect public health.

Bullock will consult with county election administrators, public health experts, emergency management professionals, the Secretary of State, and political leaders from both parties to determine the safest way to proceed once more is known about how the virus could impact communities in the fall. More to the point, said state Sen.

Bullock would need a new, day order to raise the option of a mail ballot general election. The Bullock administration said Thursday that the governor's current emergency order will last as long as the president's.

The normal, day expiration rule doesn't apply. Kary has a keen interest in the subject, as he was the most recent legislator to propose converting Montana to mail ballot elections. Voter participation was at an all-time high for a primary. Calls to the office Wednesday were not returned.

There were as many as 96, more returned ballots than inthe previous high mark for primary participation. There were a few glitches. A Yellowstone County District Court judge briefly ruled that ballots that reached elections officials after Election Day still had to be accepted if the ballots were postmarked June 2, the reasoning being that not everyone has easy access to mail service, particularly in rural areas and on American Indian reservations.

And the judge in Billings that ruled. That was totally wrong. If everybody gets a ballot, they had to pick it up at a post office box and they sure as heck can get it back to the that same spot. Evidently they get there now and then. There have been several attempts to move Montana to mail-ballot elections. Next time a Republican brings it, and it gets shot down by the Democrats.

There were groups representing Native Americans who opposed it because on reservations not everyone has a mailbox. AARP testified mail voting would be too complicated for some seniors.

And, Tea Party conservatives said they were concerned about voter fraud.With the presidential primary all but wrapped, attention is turning to down-ballot races across the country where outside spending has made its mark and as candidates adapt to campaigning from home.

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A number of competitive primaries are coming to a close on Tuesday in states which delayed their voting due to the pandemic. Indiana, New Mexico and Iowa are starting down crowded Republican stand-offs, while the party as a whole searches for a path to winnow the Democratic House majority come November. Susan Brooks. The anti-tax Club for Growth endorsed state Sen.

She really has built the American Dream in Indiana. In the same district, Democrats appear to have rallied behind Christina Hale, their nominee for lieutenant governor in The district is increasingly trending blue, but still looks to be safely in Republican hands come November.

Peter Visclosky. Former Hammond mayor Tom McDermott is one of the top fundraisers and has the endorsement of former presidential contender Rep. Seth Moulton. McDermott is leaning on his experience as a long-term mayor in the crowded primary in an effort to elbow out his competitors.

Mara Candelaria Reardon, who would be the first Latina elected to the Indiana Congressional delegation. In an interview with ABC News, Candelaria Reardon said the coronavirus pandemic has changed the campaign trail-- but has illuminated some of the kitchen table issues which should be a centerpiece of the race. People are also very concerned at the lack of leadership from the top, and how this has really shown that President Trump and this administration were totally unprepared for this crisis and unprepared to lead.

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One of the larger challenges for the race, her campaign manager said, was the fast switch to an expanded vote-by-mail process in Indiana, and making sure potential constituents have the resources they need to cast their ballots. In Iowa, candidates have been at work connecting with voters in an effort to get out the vote amid the pandemic.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks and former Illinois Rep. Bobby Schilling. According to a spokesman, the Miller Meeks campaign feels that drawing the comparison between her dedication to Trump and his agenda is a strong playbook for winning the district.

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Xochitl Torres Small. Democrats also waded into the Republican primary. The attacks have been a preview of what is to come as the general election moves into view. The primaries, nonetheless, primed election officials and campaigns alike as to what the race could look like in November if coronavirus continues to hang over the country. Shows Good Morning America. World News Tonight. This Week.Cambria and Somerset county voters will determine which candidates will make it to the fall general election ballot on Tuesday for several row offices, magistrate judge, township supervisor, school board, and city and borough council races.

Polls will open Tuesday at 7 a. Gregory Jones will be seeking ing votes for the office of Cambria County Coroner, after fellow Republican and local funeral home owner Frank Duca announced his intention to withdraw last month. The remaining row offices in Cambria County — with the exception of sheriff — will be decided in the fall, with a Republican and Democratic candidate competing for seven posts, three of which will be vacant due to retirements. The following candidates will also be listed on Somerset County ballots in pursuit of row office positions:.

Bruce L. Gregory Catholic Church. David's Lutheran Church, Davidsville. Andrew W. Sign up now to get our FREE breaking news coverage delivered right to your inbox. Toggle navigation Menu.

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Wilson, Richard. Richard E. Gindlesperger, Harry. Noon, William. William H. Tilly, Rev. Most Popular. Commented Sorry, there are no recent results for popular commented articles.AP — North Carolina voters would have more options in requesting absentee ballots and officials would get funds to keep precincts cleaned and staffed, according to legislation advancing at the General Assembly to address COVID challenges. But that portion is expected to spike this fall as many will want to avoid public places, especially if they are at higher risk of developing severe complications from the coronavirus.

A person currently must fill out a ballot request form and deliver it in person or by mail to the elections board in their home county. Two witness signatures are needed on the ballot envelope. Under the measure heading to the House floor on Thursday, people also will be able to return their completed request forms by email or fax.

The state board would create by September an online portal whereby requests could be submitted. And in response to people remaining at home due to health concerns, only one witness would be needed this fall.

The state board also must purchase and distribute personal protective equipment to county election officials. Election officials preparing for a primary runoff next month for a western North Carolina congressional district already plan to provide single-use pens, hand sanitizer and and protective barriers at in-person voting sites.

The bill lacks the demands of some Democrats and voting-rights activists who are urging broader access to balloting and flexible early-voting times during these elections for president, governor, U.

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Senate and scores of other seats. Some Democratic voters and groups have already sued to seek changes. The litigation comes during a decade where Republican legislation on redistricting, photo voter identification and early voting hours — and the lawsuits challenging them — have tainted waters of cooperation.

Democracy North Carolina is a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed late last week. Also missing from the legislation is recommendations by State Board of Elections Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell seeking prepaid postage on ballot-return envelopes and to make Election Day made a state holiday, which could expand the pool of poll workers.

The measure instead directs funds be used to recruit workers and increase their pay. Democratic Rep. Any measure also would have to clear the Senate, where elections committee Chairman Ralph Hise of Mitchell County said fellow Republicans are largely on board with the measure. The bill also has been coordinated with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and the state board, Grange said. Cooper would be asked to sign the final bill into law. Bill seeks easier N. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news.

The Associated Press. All rights reserved.A mailer sent from the Chicago Board of Elections for the March primary. WTTW News. Chicago voters are on track to break the record for vote-by-mail applications set in March, elections officials said Tuesday. During the first week that voters could request ballots, the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners received 66, applications through Monday night, according to data provided by election officials.

That is more than half of the number of applications received in the 86 days before the March primary election, making it likely the record ofapplications received before that election will likely fall, officials said. Chicago voters who participated in the general election, the municipal elections or the March primary are set to get applications to vote by mail in the mail in late July, officials said.

Chicago voters who request a ballot by Sept. Mail-in ballots, which will come with a postage-paid envelope, can be returned via the mail or dropped in a secured drop box at every early voting site in Chicago, officials said.

Sign up for our morning newsletter to get all of our stories delivered to your mailbox each weekday. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Search WTTW:. WTTW News Chicago voters are on track to break the record for vote-by-mail applications set in March, elections officials said Tuesday.

the press online: ballot set for fall general election

Thanks to our sponsors:. Related Stories. Young People Turned Out to Protest. Now, Will They Vote?

the press online: ballot set for fall general election

Watch All Video Kids Video. Programs Programs A-Z Playlist. Events Event Calendar.This story has been updated to correct mistakes that appeared in the original version. Political candidates across the state of Florida had until noon Friday to meet the qualifications to appear on ballots during the primary and general elections set for the fall. Across Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, more than 90 names will appear on ballots for public office this fall. Here's a look at the offices up for election and people who will appear on the ballot in both counties.

Another countywide office up for reelection is the Office of Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller. She was not automatically reelected Friday because she is being challenged by a write-in candidate Chase Anderson "Andy" Romagnano, who is homeless and listed his address as the Waterfront Rescue Mission in his candidate paperwork.

Election Escambia County races you should be watching now. Three Escambia County Commission seats are up for reelection this year, and all three are being contested. Primary voters of both parties in District 1 and District 5 will get to vote in open primaries for those seats between the Republican candidates. In Florida, party primaries are allowed to be open to all voters, unless there is a qualified candidate in another party or declared write-in candidate.

The primary became closed when write-in candidate Jason Laird qualified for the election. Public records indicate Laird is actually a resident of District 5, but is allowed to run so long as he's a resident of District 3 by Election Day. The local office with the most candidates is the Emerald Coast Utility Authority District 3 seat, which is being contested by eight candidates.

Support local journalism. Subscribe to the News Journal today to access all of our content online at offers. In several local offices, incumbents have won reelection by default because no opposition qualified for the ballot, including the property appraiser, supervisor of elections and two school board seats.

Because three candidates qualified in the District 7 City Council race, that election will be held Aug. The District 5 City Council race will be decided Nov. Below is a list of each Escambia County local offices up for election and the candidates who have qualified for the ballot:. Here's a list of local state candidates and offices up for election this year in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties:. The issues facing the county are largely the same as they were in Octoberwhen voters defeated the half-cent sales tax increase in a landslide and let the sitting commissioners know the key issues they wanted solved were growth, development and infrastructure.

Santa Rosa is the 12th fastest growing county in the state of Florida. The district will also likely see a big blow to its budget this year and next year due to the COVID crisis drying up state funds, and the future of virtual learning is up in the air as Gov. Ron DeSantis has left school openings this fall largely up to individual districts.

The cities of Milton and Gulf Breeze will have their candidates and ballot measures appear on the general election ballot in November, as opposed to August. Below is a list of each major county office up for grabs and a brief summary of the race. The District 1 commissioner oversees the Pace and Pea Ridge area of Santa Rosa County, which is one of the fastest-growing areas in the county.

The Republican candidates will face off in the Aug. The most crowded of all the county races, the District 3 commissioner oversees the entire northern half of the county, which includes mostly rural farmland.

As in the District 1 race, the Republican candidates will face off in the Aug. District 5 represents Gulf Breeze proper and Midway. Lynchard is seeking his fourth term as a County Commissioner, challenged by newcomer Wright. The race will be decided in the Nov.

Longtime property appraiser Greg Brown withdrew from the race last week and endorsed his son, Greg Brown II, in the race.

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Brown II is currently running unopposed. The three candidates are vying for the seat that will be left vacant by current Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick, who is not seeking a fourth term. The town of roughly people will also vote on a measure that would allow stores to sell alcohol on Sundays.

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